Short waiting times despite increasing number of guests

BASF Gastronomie


“Since the beginning of the year, our guest numbers have been rising steadily again. By using the visioncheckout, the waiting time remains low even with many guests and they can enjoy their lunch break to the fullest.”

Juliane Hofmann,
Project management visioncheckout,
BASF Gastronomie

In BASF’s company restaurant in the Pfalzgrafenstrasse building, up to 500 meals a day cross the counter. For the employees the visioncheckout therefore offers a welcome alternative: Thanks to the high speed and intuitive usability, waiting times are avoided and guests can enjoy their lunch more quickly. In December 2022, the successful pilot project was launched and has since been a signpost for the benefits through digitalization in company catering at BASF.

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In the company restaurant operated by Apleona Culinaress, the visioncheckout is used to maintain service quality at an excellent level despite a shortage of skilled workers.

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