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AI-based self-checkout

Seamless integration

The visioncheckout is a plug-in solution that can easily be added to any POS system. Already connected software and devices, such as accounting and merchandise management, remain untouched.

Thanks to our standardized API, integrating the visioncheckout into your POS system is as easy as can be. Just four weeks after ordering, you will be ready to give your checkouts the power of sight.

Secure payment

Payment transactions are executed via your POS system. All transactions are encrypted end-to-end.


Using the visioncheckout, your cash register remains legally compliant and is secured against tampering.


The visioncheckout is compatible with all leading POS systems. Due to our flexible API, additional systems can be added quickly and easily.

Flexible data import

The visioncheckout imports your articles or your daily menu directly from your existing database, no matter if it is the inventory management or POS system.
The visioncheckout processes the data in SQL as well as in CSV format or via API. You do not have to make any adjustments.

infographic about the visioncheckout

Established all-in-one solution

We have already realized numerous successful projects with our partners.
Together, we offer you an established all-in-one solution that you can rely on.

Are you ready to give your checkouts the power of sight?

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