Flexible opening hours at the company kiosk

Linde AG


“The shortage of skilled workers is hitting us particularly hard in the restaurant industry. In our kiosk, we often have to choose between running the coffee bar or the cash register. This is where visioncheckout is the perfect fix.”

Kurt Stümpfig,
Head of Catering Services,
Linde AG

At the headquarters of Linde AG, the visioncheckout is not only used in the restaurant, but also in the in-house kiosk. The focus here is on retail articles. Due to the irregular and often difficult to predict occupancy of the kiosk, the visioncheckout is particularly suitable here.

The visioncheckout has been in operation in the staff restaurant at Linde AG headquarters since September 2021. For a technology leader like Linde AG, it is important to stimulate innovative thinking even during breaks. The visioncheckout clearly shows that the company restaurant is also in tune with the times and thus inspires the employees.

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Short waiting times even when the number of guests increases. This is the reason why so many companies decide to use the visioncheckout.

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