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We are looking for ML & software engineers, data scientists, entrepreneurs, business minds as well as industry experts to join our team.

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Many thousands of people around the world already use the fully autonomous visioncheckout every day.

Among them are the employees of well-known companies such as BASF, Bosch-Siemens-Haushaltsgeräte, Pfizer, Jaguar Land Rover, Schaeffler, Linde and Zeiss. And even some of Germany’s largest universities, for example in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Karlsruhe, are already paying with the visioncheckout.

And every week there are more.

What makes us special


We ourselves are the biggest fans of the visioncheckout and believe 100% in the success of our product. This is how we create solutions not only our customers enjoy.


We share progress, experience, knowledge and ideas with the entire team. This means that everyone always has the big picture in mind and we all work together.


Everyone brings their own personality to the table, and that’s great! Whether at work or at team events such as sundowners on the roof top or our sailing trip – we appreciate each other and don’t feel the need to pretend.

Quality standards

We appreciate the atmosphere it creates when every team member is an expert in their own field and is keen to take collaboration to the next level. You learn a lot, challenge each other and achieve great success together.

How we work

No detours

We don’t carry concepts from one meeting to the next. You will be able to realise most of your ideas yourself and if not, our team will support you wherever possible. It is important to us that each individual has a direct influence. This means direct contact with our customers, an in-depth understanding of the product and working independently.


We know that responsibility also has a downside and are explicitly looking for people who are prepared to take it on despite, or precisely because of that. You often look in vain for a safety net here and you have to have the courage and enjoy making and implementing decisions.

New perspectives

Despite our different areas of expertise, we see ourselves as one team. We therefore work in a very interdisciplinary way and provide support where necessary, depending on needs and skills. You would also like to carry out a onboarding of a customer – sure! You have an idea for a new feature – we’re all ears! We organise our spotlight series once a month to promote dialogue.

Continuous optimisation

We rely on every team member to question and optimise our processes. In this way, our collaboration is continuously improving and our output is increasing. We do not hide behind established practices.

Full flexibility

Work where you feel productive

Whether in the office, at home or in your holiday flat – you can work from wherever you feel productive to achieve the best synergy with your private life. We trust our employees to assess this for themselves. We trust our employees to assess this for themselves.

Your time, your organisation

With our 100% flexible work schedule, we want to help you organise your day in a way that suits you and your private life. On the other hand, it is important to us that we are team players! When things get tight in exceptional cases, nobody who is urgently needed drops the pen.

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We look for people like you – people that dream of making an impact by building and marketing solutions the world has never seen before.