Onboarding in one day – That’s how we roll out the visioncheckout!

You've decided to take your payment process to the next level. Now the question is, of course: How do we roll out the visioncheckout after your order is placed and, most importantly, how do you get it up and running? With our perfectly synchronized onboarding process, you're in safe hands. We show you exactly what you need to do to get visioncheckout started.

The first contact

We have received your order and you are already looking forward to how the visioncheckout will enable your staff to focus on the things that matter most. To ensure that everything goes according to plan, we will give you all the necessary information for operations, management and your internal IT in advance.
In the preparation phase, especially transparent communication with IT is important. Since the visioncheckout requires an internet connection to install regular security updates, it is up to your IT to provide this access. Depending on your company’s structure, this can be done in a few minutes, but it can also be more time-consuming, for example in the case of critical infrastructure.
Once these preparations have been made, nothing stands in the way of going live in a day.

The arrival of your visioncheckout

We will send you the visioncheckout in advance so, if possible, you can already place it at its future workplace. If you have chosen our stand-alone version, you only need to put it in place. If you have ordered the anchored version, you can already make the necessary arrangements at the checkout location.

We were all totally thrilled with the quick go-live! On the very same day, our guests were able to pay for their meals at the visioncheckout. We would not have expected that.”
Marian Wengler, Operations Manager Mensa University, Augsburg Student Union

The onboarding

9 am

Ideally, the visioncheckout is already in place and connected to the internet. Otherwise, we now have about 90 minutes to make final preparations. As soon as these preparations are complete, our implementation specialist will adjust the visioncheckout to your individual circumstances. On the one hand, these are the camera settings for the best possible image quality. Secondly, the scanning area of the visioncheckout is adjusted to its location at your site.
Now the visioncheckout is tested and the entire system is once again put through its paces. This primarily means checking the detection accuracy and speed so that, if necessary, the above-mentioned camera settings can be optimized. With our hardware specialized in food detection, we can ensure the best results in no time at all.
Furthermore, we run through the various scenarios during checkout, so that even individual cases such as insufficient credit or aborted payment transactions are checked without any problems. Thanks to our standardized and extensively tested test procedure, the visioncheckout is ready for use after just 15 minutes.

10:30 am

Now the onboarding starts with the training of your employees. The dishes of the day are taught together to clarify possible questions directly on site. The visioncheckout is there to make your work easier. That’s why we base the training on your daily schedule. The big advantage of doing the training in the morning is that you and your employees have the opportunity to participate in the first checkout. However, if you are too busy in the morning and do not have time for the training, we will be happy to postpone it to the afternoon. In this case, our implementation specialist will prepare everything else so that the checkout runs smoothly during the lunch break.
Our training is specifically designed for your operation, menu and product range. It is important to us that you and your employees enjoy working with visioncheckout. That’s why this training is the heart of the onboarding process. You will not be given a lecture on the visioncheckout but will try out its functions with our guidance. Because our experience has shown that learning by doing is not only faster, but also much more sustainable than pure memorization.

Regardless of which of the two processes you decide on, one thing is certain: Already during this lunch break, your guests can start paying at the visioncheckout and you can directly experience how recognition and billing work.

The follow-up

Depending on how extensive your product range is, it may not be possible to train every single article in the time before the lunch break. In this case, it has proven useful to train some of the items after the opening hours in order to have more time for questions and a detailed onboarding at the beginning of the lunch break. Therefore, after the lunch break, we again take enough time to go through their entire assortment. We like to make this part of the onboarding interactive and get your employees on board so that they are really familiar with visioncheckout after this day.

In addition, you can ask us directly any questions that may have arisen during the live operation.

Once the visioncheckout knows your entire product range and there are no more questions left, the onboarding day is complete. You will now receive the most important information from us online and, if you wish, also in printed form. But that doesn’t mean you’re on your own from now on. Our service team is always at your disposal.

“The service provided by the visioncheckout team is really outstanding. Especially in the early stages, it’s good to rely on getting instant, dependable answers. Someone was always available and the visioncheckout team took care of things very quickly.”

– Sieglinde Heimbach, Purchasing University Catering, Augsburg Student Union

Your everyday life with visioncheckout

Once the onboarding process is complete, your everyday life with visioncheckout begins. In order to not only provide your guests with the best possible checkout process, but also to give you a real tool to work with, we have developed several features and workflows.


Due to the one-shot teaching feature and the gapless memory of the visioncheckout, the already short teaching process will reduce more and more in the first 6-8 weeks of operation. Depending on the concept of your restaurant, it can even be eliminated completely.


Our live view feature allows you to monitor the performance of the visioncheckout from anywhere and at any time. This creates transparency and gives you a feeling of security.


Our service team is always available by phone if you have a question or comment about the visioncheckout. We are happy to help you!

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