The visioncheckout has a new look

We are constantly working on improving the visioncheckout. Naturally, this includes programming new features, as well as optimizing our hardware. While we release new software versions and features almost daily, the step to renew the hardware is something special for us. In the latest version of the visioncheckout, we have applied our experience from live operations and responded directly to our customers' feedback.

The visioncheckout has the following new features:


The indicating LED has several advantages. Free checkout spaces are visible at first sight, which helps to reduce queues. LED systems are also a proven way to prevent theft at self-checkout terminals. Service staff are informed immediately about cancelled payment transactions and can intervene directly.


The visioncheckout combines elegant and simple design that will fit in any business restaurant.


You can adapt the number of card readers to the requirements of your site. There is room for up to two readers on the visioncheckout, for example for employee badges and credit cards. But even an externally mounted reader leaves no unwanted gap on the visioncheckout, as it can also be ordered without any mount.


Flexibility is also the motto when it comes to mounting: The visioncheckout can be permanently fixed on the counter, or it can be ordered as a stand-alone solution with the help of an elegant base plate.

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