auvisus gives way for the visioncheckout

Observant followers might have already noticed a big change in our last posts. The visioncheckout is becoming the focus of our presence and the auvisus brand is fading more and more into the background. Now we are making it official. auvisus is turning into the visioncheckout – at least in the external perception. The auvisus GmbH, the team and the usual service will remain. The change to our product brand has several reasons, which we will explain to you in this article.

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The secret behind the most accurate food recognition

The recognition is the core of every autonomous self-checkout system. To reach a recognition rate of up to 100% some may count on RFID tags and expensive modifications. Nowadays, that is not necessary any longer! In this blog post, we reveal how to reach such high recognition rates with computer vision.

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Teaching with only one image?! That’s how it works!

The visioncheckout shines not only because of its billing accuracy of over 99%, but especially because of its completely intuitive handling, not only for your guests! In this article you will find out how to save a lot of time with the visioncheckout and what is hidden behind the “teaching with only one image”.

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A cash register in a cafeteria

What is part of a modern cash register system? Your checklist 2022

You would like to upgrade your POS system and are looking for a modern alternative for your canteen? The flood of information can possibly overwhelm you and cause you to quickly lose perspective. But don’t worry: Here you can find out what really matters for your new system, which questions are worth asking and which trends you can already look out for.

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In einer Großküche arbeiten drei Köche und eine Bedienung

Shortage of staff in the catering industry – technologies can provide a solution

There is an acute shortage of staff in the catering industry at the moment. With a drop of almost 15% of employees from 2019 ro 2021 the hospitality industry is one of the most affected industries by the pandemic. This has been no secret for a long time. As a central topic at industry meetings, both internal and cross-industry media such as the Tagesschau or Die Zeit now report on the struggle to recruit staff in which caterers currently find themselves.

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Intergastra Innovation Award 2020

auvisus for the win! With the visioncheckout, we were able to convince the jury of our innovativeness and future orientation. We are proud to be able to call ourselves winners of the Intergastra Innovation Award. Many thanks for the award!

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Ceremony for the Axel Bohl Award 2019 given to auvisus for their autonomous meal recognition.

Winners of the Axel Bohl Award 2019

The Axel Bohl Award 2019 has been given to auvisus. We are thrilled about this award and our participation in the ceremony. The award is presented to particularly original and forward-looking projects and companies. We are pleased to have convinced the jury on these points. This shows once again how relevant the topic of “autonomous self-checkout” already is today.

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