Trend-setting technologies
at the POS

Universitätsspital Basel


Operators who now refuse to use imagebased self-checkouts have clearly lost. The advantages are obvious – this is where the future is heading.

Bärbel Jung, Head of Restoration,
Hotel & Catering Industry
Operations Department Universitätsspital Basel

The visioncheckout has been in use in the cafeteria of the University Hospital Basel since April 2023. Up to 1000 meals are sold here per lunch break. By permanently using the visioncheckout, capacity can be increased even with rising guest numbers without tying up additional staff at the checkout.


“The visioncheckout acts completely autonomously for us. Thanks to its intuitive user interface, it runs very smoothly.”

Svetlana Siebold,
Management Assistance Centro/Centrino,
Hotel & Catering Industry, Operations Department, Universitätsspital Basel


“The installation of the visioncheckout went completely smoothly. All the IT requirements were met in a very short time, and the first dishes could be collected at the visioncheckout on the day of

Luca Caldana,
Application Consultant Administrative Services, Digitalization & ICT (D&ICT), Universitätsspital Basel

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"Getting the most out of your lunch break." At Freudenberg, this is possible with the help of the visioncheckout. It eliminates waiting time allowing time to relax.
Trend-setting technologies for modern and up-to-date company catering. This is what the visioncheckout> at the University Hospital Basel stands for.

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