Fast Lane
eliminates waiting time

Freudenberg Catering Services


“At the visioncheckout, we have no waiting time. So it allows our guests to get the most out of their lunch break.”

Christian Kraski,
Manager Services,
Freudenberg Catering Services

At the canteen at Freudenberg the visioncheckout acts as a fast lane. This allows our guests to choose where to pay for their lunch. By using the solution, queues have been reduced by more than 50%.

The visioncheckout is operating at Freudenberg since August 2021. For the self-managed company restaurant, it is important to stay up-to-date so that it is not left behind by competitors. In addition to freshly prepared dishes and modern recipes, the visioncheckout helps to achieve this goal.

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Free hands at the counter thanks to the visioncheckout's fully autonomous checkout process.
Extended opening hours thanks to the autonomous visioncheckout. At Linde AG's company kiosk, the visioncheckout ensures flexible opening hours, even when staff are short.

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