The fastest self-checkout in hospitality

Self-checkouts are no longer just a thing in supermarkets and furniture stores. In catering, too, especially in community catering, the checkout process is increasingly left to the guests. And there are numerous advantages: It’s quick, easy on the workforce and can be used flexibly. However, there are many different self-checkout systems, and the decision may not be easy. This article is intended as guidance in the decision-making process and to illustrate the advantages of the different systems.

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Trend Self-Checkout?! What you need to know about the future of payment

Self-checkouts are on the rise. From 2019 to 2022, the share of stationary self-checkout terminals in German retail has doubled, mobile self-scanning alternatives have even increased tenfold! Customer acceptance and dealing with the new types of payment terminals has also changed in this context. Less skepticism, faster processes and, accordingly, increasing customer satisfaction are the result. However, many questions still arise for potential operators. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most important ones and answer them in detail to make sure that no doubts remain.

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The most important trends for self-checkout markets 2022

Autonomous self-checkouts are on the rise At the latest since Amazon gave the starting signal for the 24-hour supermarkets without staff in 2018 with the Amazon Go Shops, the competitors must also catch up. The most important process in these shops is that customers pay for themselves. This is also reflected in opinion polls: an uncomplicated self-checkout is important for 95% of the population. In recent years, a variety of alternatives to the traditional cash register manned by people have emerged. Many of them are now well-established in our society. In this article, the most important types of self-checkout are presented, as well as their potential and weaknesses.

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A cash register in a cafeteria

What is part of a modern cash register system? Your checklist 2022

You would like to upgrade your POS system and are looking for a modern alternative for your canteen? The flood of information can possibly overwhelm you and cause you to quickly lose perspective. But don’t worry: Here you can find out what really matters for your new system, which questions are worth asking and which trends you can already look out for.

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In einer Großküche arbeiten drei Köche und eine Bedienung

Shortage of staff in the catering industry – technologies can provide a solution

There is an acute shortage of staff in the catering industry at the moment. With a drop of almost 15% of employees from 2019 ro 2021 the hospitality industry is one of the most affected industries by the pandemic. This has been no secret for a long time. As a central topic at industry meetings, both internal and cross-industry media such as the Tagesschau or Die Zeit now report on the struggle to recruit staff in which caterers currently find themselves.

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Felix Schweikardt giving his prognosis for community catering after covid

5 Trends after Corona

The Corona crisis has turned our everyday life upside down – also in community catering. Many are now wishing they could return to “normal life” as soon as possible, but some novelties will stay with us. In this article, we look at 5 trends that are not just temporary.

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