auvisus gives way for the visioncheckout

Observant followers might have already noticed a big change in our last posts. The visioncheckout is becoming the focus of our presence and the auvisus brand is fading more and more into the background. Now we are making it official. auvisus is turning into the visioncheckout - at least in the external perception. The auvisus GmbH, the team and the usual service will remain. The change to our product brand has several reasons, which we will explain to you in this article.

Why are we rebranding?

A rebranding is a big step that comes with several uncertainties. Different reasons make this the exactly right step for us.

An international market needs an international name

Our international operations are growing, the first visioncheckouts have arrived in many European countries, the UK and the US. Here it is becoming increasingly important to use a brand name that sticks, is easily recognizable and, last but not least, is pronounced correctly.

Higher brand memorability

Many of our clients didn’t really know what to call their new staff member. Photo checkout, food scanner, camera checkout – you name it. Since we started calling the visioncheckout “visioncheckout” the name is catching on. This is the sign for us that the decision was exactly right.


The visioncheckout is compatible with all leading POS systems. That’s why it is becoming more and more interesting for POS system providers to sell the visioncheckout themselves. We don’t want to stand in the way of this interest.
In that sense, we are putting our company name in the background so it wouldn’t steel the visioncheckouts show.

Spotlight on the visioncheckout

The visioncheckout is the leading brand when it comes to autonomous self-checkouts. Moreover, it has always been our core product and that is not going to change. We are doing everything we can to improve it, so it makes the most sense for us to treat it as what it is: our flagship.

What consequences does the rebranding have for me as a customer?

The answer to that question is short: nothing. The team behind the visioncheckout remains the same, as well as the contact channels and the quality of the visioncheckout.
We are happy to still provide you with the simplest checkout you can imagine – The visioncheckout.

The autonomous meal recognition with the visioncheckout recognizs a salad, a dessert, a snickers a drink.

Learn more on the visioncheckouts features

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